Friday, February 5, 2016


Cali- MY BABY turns 5 on Sunday. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? She is so much like Brylee. Easy going,  a lot tom boy and a little bit princess. She wanted a cowgirl party and I thought it was the perfect fit for her.

 She had a great time.

And my sweet friend Kristen was kind enough to help me put together a little hay ride over to her Dad's property to see the horses and cows. This was for sure the high light of Cali's whole life.

Jaren and my Dad were even nice enough to lug this heavy as heck "bull" over to my back yard.

We played pin the tail on the horse, had a boot pinata and the kids decorated cowboy hats. It turned out really fun and was easy-peasy.

All for my sweet little cowgirl. How I love her, heart and soul.

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