Friday, February 12, 2016

Good Company

Its been sunny and warm here in the low deserts. It is JUST the way I like it. Cool in the shade, warm in the sun, lawnmowers whirling over back yard fences and blue BLUE Arizona skies.

I had an absolute killer morning. Trying to get everyone fed and packed and arranged felt like coordinating the Olympic games and with only seconds to spare between each event to boot. Speaking of boots Ella had to wear hers today because her school shoes have apparently vanished in the 12 hours since she wore them last. Not to mention I have had 67 appointments, meetings and errands this week. It been a doozy and I needed a little bit of Arizona in February to save my soul.

After stopping in at the elementary school to see a very important performance (think Superbowl half time people) at the Friday assembly, Cali and I met up with one of my dearest old friends. We had missed our Thursday evening running date and we were making up for it. Our babies are both now huge pre-schoolers and pushing the two of them in one stroller is not for the faint of heart but we did. After running we stretched and chatted in the yard while the kids played and then we stopped by the park until we both had to face the clock and get back to responsibility and all that junk.

Between the good company, the exercise and Arizona in February I nearly died of relief. But mostly because of the good company.

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