Wednesday, February 10, 2016

House on the Hill

Lets move to the hills. Is what I say to Scott about every other day when I decide that life is too taxing, demanding and stressful. I just picture a little house all by itself up on hill and I think SALVATION. Forget the internet, forget car pools and schedules and homework, lets just live off the land and never leave the house on the hill ever.

Lately Cali has been ever so so so clingy. She watches my every move and follows me with palpable anxiety that she might loose sight of me. She has been hanging onto my leg ALL through Primary, crying on her way out to pre-school and  just being generally unhappy unless glued to my body. She is also avoiding any and all attention. The other day I tried to get a quick picture of her in her cowgirl clothes and she cried the whole time. We got a lot of shots like this...

The whole thing is sorta of breaking my heart and I want to say THE HILLS my Dear! The hills! Lets go! So what to do when you feel like running for the hills and never speaking to anyone ever again? Never attending another parent teacher conference or play date or meeting or anything? I don't know what you do but yesterday after pre-school I put Cali in the bed next to me, held her hand and watched her fall asleep content and safe and what do you know-I felt content and safe too.

I guess the house on a hill can wait for another day.

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