Thursday, February 11, 2016

Metal Mouth

We have a lot of braces in our house right now. Brylee and I had them put on in June.

Brylee because she needed them and me because of a lovely little rare syndrome that I was a lucky recipient of called Parry Romberg Syndrome that causes damage to the soft tissue of the left side of the face including the tissue that helps keep your teeth in one spot.

Its super fun.

Notice how perfectly straight my teeth on the right are and how messy the are on the left.

Good times!

So we had no plans to have braces put on Branson anytime soon. BUT then we went for a regular cleaning at the dentist and found out that Bransons adult K9 teeth are lodged crooked and sideways up in his pallet, pushing on the roots of his 4 front permanent teeth. Killing them.


By the next day we were in the orthodontist with him and within a 2 week period he went from nothing to a mouth full of braces, wires, expanders and metal. His whole face hurts. In a few months we'll schedule his oral surgery and in 3 YEARS he'll reach the finish line.

There was a time when I was all like,

"Holy cow babies cost soooo much! Diapers, wipes, cribs, strollers, pre-school."

I wish I could tell that young Mom to enjoy it while it lasts because...Holy Cow! Braces, cars, insurance, sports, clubs, missions, college! Good thing they are all so cute, right?

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