Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Softball Dates

One of my New Year commitments was to "date" Scott. We had gotten in a rut of "dating" by going to dinner and then to Costco. Woowhoo and fun!! But not so much.

I decided we needed to actually make plans and actually do the things we enjoy together instead of just the things we need to do.  So I planned the first date of the New Year and I will just say that it was a home-run. I planned a picnic in the very first place that we lived after we were married and it was awesome. Then in February Scott took me out to one of my favorite spots on the lake where we had had dinner together once when we were engaged. The drive up there was even fun and relaxing. Genius idea!

At the same time I was thinking about raising the dating bar, a friend of ours invited us to play on their coed softball team. Back in the day Scott and I played coed softball continuously. We played every season and would even bring a play pin to set up in the dugout after we started having kids. It was ridiculous! But so fun.

Eventually we just gave up playing. Too many other needs and stresses and demands and way too much in the cost of babysitters. We haven't played on a team in at least 12 years. But this time we were ready to play again and it has been so great. I didn't even know how much I had missed it until we played again. Perfect activity, perfect timing, perfect date.

Coed 1998

Coed 2016

I have sure loved dating again!

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