Monday, February 1, 2016


So wow, I have really been blog flopping lately and neglecting to write and record. But January 2016 will go down in the books as the month that I finally made some needed changes and IT HURT. But it also felt so good all at the same time. Hooray for that I say.

With the help of our wonderful General Authorities Sunday has become an even more special day than it was. I mean Sunday has always been special. We have always treated Sunday as a holy, set apart, different day but now it is even more of all of that. Scott and I are better at being deliberate with Sunday and "making" things happen or not happen that we want for our family.

Yesterday after a dinner of pork chops and mash potatoes we dug out our old VCR, dusted that thing off and pulled out Scott's High School football highlight tape and one of my cheer highlights from my senior year. I died when Branson held out one of the VHS tapes and asked, "how does it go in?" We had to explain "rewind" and "fast forward" and our kids looked at us like we had been raised on another planet.

We huddled around the TV and laughed and joked and made fun of the 1990's. Then we sat in a circle to fold the weeks laundry, had an arm wrestling tournament and ended with family prayers and hugs good-night.

I can see and feel the purpose and need and joy of the Sabbath Day. And I love that for one sacred day each week I get my family back.

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