Friday, February 19, 2016

When Heaven Isn't so Far

My little Cali. Last night Scott was away on Young Men's duty and so Cali laid next to me in my bed. It didn't take long until she was sleeping soundly, her heavy, tired breath was a soothing back ground to my book. Scott eventually came in and I guess the noise he made startled Cali a bit because she woke up, stood straight to her feet and stepped off the edge of the bed. Luckily Scott noticed her and saved her from what would have been a painful fall. She was completely out of sorts and disoriented which was making her frantic and panicky.  I knew exactly what she needed and exactly what she wanted.


I am the answer to all of Cali's problems.

I gathered her up, whispered softly, ran my fingers through her long hair and in seconds she melted against my chest. I sat there holding her for a long time. Tracing her features with my fingers, kissing her lips, holding her hand and memorizing the weight of her growing body in my arms. There are these moments in life that nearly burst your soul with love. Just glimpses I think of Heaven and what is in store. It feels like your ordinary human heart just isn't built to withstand the weight of all that love and devotion and that's when you know that Heaven isn't so far away.

And I am pretty sure that Cali is the answer to all my problems too.


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