Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Heart Burn

Branson is always pulling at my heart strings. A lot of the time in a PAINFUL way that Boy. Yesterday he and his friend snuck upstairs and jumped out of Brylee's window into the pool. I wanted to ring his neck when Cali followed behind him and wanted to climb out the window as well. In December Scott and I left for a date. Branson waited until we were gone, dug out the Christmas lights and climbed on the highest point of the roof to string them up. He had everything cleaned up and done when we got back. And this is just who he is. He has full confidence that HE CAN DO IT. What ever the IT is and he goes for it. It gives me heart burn. He doesn't sit around playing video games, he doesn't rot in front of the TV, he goes and goes and takes risks and disobeys and explodes dry ice bombs and makes me tired. And then he prepares his Sunday lesson with out a scrap of help and his leaders tell me how amazing it was and he is my hardest worker and he goes to the temple at 5 am every week and he is almost done with his Eagle scout and he gives me the best feet rubs EVERY DAY! Heart Burn I tell you, in all the different ways that a Mothers heart can burn.

He has been playing a ton of football and loves it so much. Since quitting gymnastics about one year ago he has grown probably 4 inches and become obsessed with football.

Its been fun to watch him get better and better.  Oh how I love my hard, painful, burn my heart everyday, good as gold Bransy Boy.

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