Friday, April 1, 2016

Sports Life

I dont have very many pictures to prove it but we are in the thick of sports right now. Kaden and Brylee in track, and  Branson is on the boys volleyball team (YAY!! I have been waiting FOREVER to have a kid in volleyball!) So excited! Brylee is also doing swim two nights a week to keep up on her swim strength.

Yesterday we had the volleyball carpool, Kaden needed a ride home from practice and then he needed the car to get to work. Brylee had a track meet across town so I borrowed my mother-in-laws car, gave mine to Kaden, packed Brylee's drinks and snacks, packed the little girls drinks and snacks and drove 20 minutes south to the track meet. Only when I got there--there was no track meet. I double checked the schedule and saw that I had driven to next weeks location and this weeks location was 30 minutes West.

Clearly things are a bit too hectic around here and I am dropping the ball.

I dont know what the answer is to all this over-scheduling. In one way it is so good for these kids. They build relationships, learn a skill, gain confidence, practice working through nerves and disappointment and they have a ton of fun. BUT we are stretched thin and I dont like it. If some parent out there figures out the perfect balance I'd love to hear it because I certainly haven't got it mastered.

But I sure do love these little athletes that keep me hopping!

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