Thursday, May 5, 2016

That I May Live

This past month has been FULL. Full of Branson's volleyball games, Brylee and Kaden's (separate) track meets, work for Kaden, big changes in our ward and our callings, new and exciting things for Scott's business, lots of studying to get Ella caught up and plenty of love and care and day to day life.

I was nearly heart broken when I was called in to the Bishop's office two weeks ago and released from my job as Primary President. I wasn't ready. I have loved serving in Primary and I will miss it so much. Scott was called to be Scout Master which is a rewarding but HUGE job. We were also split from many dear friends who were put into a new ward. I love the Church and I love that it is growing and changing even when that growth sometimes comes with a bit of adjustment and even some stretching and pain.

These big (and hard- at least for me) changes came when Scott and I were already dealing with some other difficult challenges. But the tender mercies have come rolling in one after the other like waves onto the dry sand.

And this I know--when you are striving and trying and working to be close to Jesus Christ. When you are praying to God and thanking Him for all you have, you will have an increased ability to SEE the GOOD in your life. You will recognize blessings in the smallest details of the day and you will feel more and more grateful. Its His gift to you in trials and challenges and in ordinary life. Its called tender mercies in the scriptures and it is divine and beautiful.

The Heavenly gift of tender mercies is what makes seeing my little girls sitting together on the bench under the Red Push, after dinner feel like a burst of joy.

Its what makes, catching a smile from your spot way up in the bleachers, feel like a gold metal.

Its what makes the morning mess feel like a gift.

And its what makes a million other ordinary things turn into the breath of life--giving you enough energy and happiness and peace to go at it all again the next day.

Let thy tender mercies come unto me, that I may live
Psalms 119:77

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