Monday, May 16, 2016

Things are Different Now

So yesterday Kaden was my little cute baby...

And then I blinked and the boy went off to Prom...

Things are different now, he's big and handsome and growing up.  He took his cute friend Hailey and it was her first date ever. So sweet. My heart starts to beat all crazy when I let myself start to think about the sand in the hour glass, its running out. I am thankful for the time we have left and I am really enjoying all the fun (and funny) things about having 3 big kids doing big kid things. Kaden was cracking up when I told him that in my day (love saying that phrase to my kids) in my day we went to the dance, stood in a line, put some money in an envelope and then stood in front of a cheesy back drop and took one picture.

Things are different now...

And in a just a few more years as Kaden Boy heads off for his mission and college and grown up life, I'll have to say things are different now. And that thought strikes both immense joy and complete terror in my Mother heart.

Glad we still have a few more Prom nights and before then.

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