Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Me and Cali

Last week Cali and I spent the last of our alone time together. She has been my little friend for the last 3 years since Ella got big and went to school. Cali and me we go together. We shop, visit teach, exercise, play, read, swim, run errands, clean the house, nap, all of it together. We're buddies and best friends.

In August she'll go off with Ella to school and for the first time in almost 17 years I'll be alone for the school day. My heart. Oh my heart.

My little heart is feeling it.

I have loved my time with babies at home. I have three that I held back a year just to keep them little a bit longer. I treasure those years , they are priceless. I am going to mourn the end of this chapter, it will hurt and I will cry. But for now I am going to soak up this summer, my second to last before they start to stretch their wings and fly.

Stay a bit longer my Loves.


Stephanie said...

Okay, so I have seen you twice around town this week and the introvert in me didn't say hi, and then last night I had a dream about you. I think Heavenly Father wants me to say hello to you for some reason or check on you. So, hello! How are you?

Julianne Heywood said...

Stephanie! I miss you! I must be oblivious to my surroundings! Plus I still think of all of you girls looking exactly how you did 15 years ago! I think about you and your family all of the time! Hope you are doing well!! Thank-you so much for commenting on my little forgotten blog, I even forget about it sometimes! email me and lets get together and catch up, I'll even bring Sister Porter :)

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