Thursday, August 25, 2016

That Was Rough

 "'That was rough,' he said. "That was as rough a thing as I ever heard tell of happening to a boy. And I'm mighty proud to learn how my boy stood up to it. You couldn't ask any more of a grown man.'" - Fred Gibson, Old Yeller

For our last week of summer before school started we decided to take a trip to the cabin. The plan was to head up on Monday morning with all the kids and then Brylee, Cali, Ella and I would come home Tuesday night so Brylee and I could be home in time for cheer camp which was scheduled for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.

Side Note:
I love coaching cheer! It has been full of stress but full of fun and I am so glad I get to do this with Brylee! Here we are on our first day of practice, aren't they cute!

So the week was going great and cheer camp was going great and the boys were having a great time at the cabin wearing out their last days of summer riding dirt bikes.

Late Thursday I got a call from my Mom, "you don't want to hear this but I think Branson broke his arm when he crashed today on the dirt bike."

I spent the next three hours waiting and pacing while my Dad made the three hour drive home with Branson in the back seat. My mind and heart were racing with worry...

Football season was just 5 days away. The football season that Branson has been waiting for, working for and planning for since last season. Scott was away on a three day canoe trip with the scouts and was unreachable by phone. Branson was also scheduled to have an important and urgent surgery the very next morning to start the process of bringing his impacted canine teeth down into place. Besides all that, I still had one day of cheer camp to coach and no one to cover me.

Branson arrived home covered in dirt and scratches and pretty somber. I sent him to take a shower and drove him to urgent care. On the way over, I reached for his hand and said, "Branson, your arm is probably broken, you need to decide how you are going to handle missing football season." He didn't respond. We sat in silence while we waited for the x-ray results and remained silent while the doctor confirmed what we already knew.

Broken wrist-both bones. Needed to be set first thing in the morning. They put an awkwardly placed splint on his arm and let us go.

I knew his heart was broken far worse than his wrist. We got in the car around 10 pm and I asked him if I could take him to Grandpa's house for a Priesthood Blessing. He was fighting hard to contain the tears and didn't want to see anyone. I assured him that getting a blessing would help him through the hard days to come and he agreed.

Grandma met us at the door and while we waited for Uncle Seth and Grandpa to get their white shirts on I could hold onto my ache for my son no more and tears started to roll down my cheeks. Branson's emotions finally got the better of him as well and we held eachother close and let the sobs come.

As I sat on the couch with both arms around Branson, I was so thankful for the circle of Priesthood that guards my family. Even though Scott was away fulfilling his calling I can think of  20 Priesthood holders off the top of my head that would have coming running at a moments notice. I am grateful everyday that the Lord allows us the gift of Priesthood blessings while we are away from Him.

After a tender blessing and a few long hugs we made our way back home, I tucked Branson in next to me in bed, propped his arm on a pillow and prayed my heart out that he would be able to sleep. In the morning we would have to get his arm set and make it to oral surgery all while Branson was fasting.(due to general anesthetic for the mouth surgery) I held Branson's hand and watched him finally rest but I did not sleep, instead I dripped tears into my pillow wondering how to help my boy through the heartbreak of missing something that he had been looking forward to for so long. Later I found out that Scott had received my text about Branson's arm and was doing the same thing as me, only on the side of the river, in a sleeping bag. Scott and Branson have a whole football thing together and so football season is more than just a bunch of games to them, it is also part of the glue that binds them together.

The morning was a stressful mess of phone calls, texts and after cancelling cheer camp we made  a rushed drive over to Banner Desert to see an orthopedic specialist. We waited--forever--while sweet Branson suffered in pain and hunger and anxiety.  At last when his arm was casted we raced to the other side of town where he went under for his oral surgery.

By the time I got him home (with a mouth full of open cuts) he was still completely disoriented and confused from the anesthesia but literally sobbing in pain. I gave him a double dose of pain medication and then held him like a baby, rubbed his forehead and tried to calm him down with songs and love. I thought my heart would break to see my, tough-as-nails big teenager son, crumple with pain and exhaustion in such a confused state of coming out of anesthesia. He finally fell into a deep sleep and I was so glad to finally see him find a bit of comfort.

At this point I thought that football season was a complete loss, I expected that even though his cast would come off about half way through the season, Branson would not make the team or he wouldn't want to be on the team if he couldn't play. Well I was wrong. Not only did he make the team he was one of the captains and did not sit out for even one minute of one practice. Then half way through the season Branson finally got his cast off--that same week their teams quarter back broke his collar bone. Without even one practice and with an arm fresh out of a cast Branson was put in as starting quarter back. He played horrible that first game as QB but every game after that he improved and he over came major nerves about playing a new position. In the last game Branson threw two touch down passes and ran one in for another.

Yesterday we attended the football awards ceremony and watched Branson be awarded one of the MVP's of his team. When I think back to that night in Urgent Care with Branson and remember the feeling we both had after the doctor assured us that Branson's arm was indeed broken-I would never in a million years have thought that Branson would be the MVP of his football team. Not in a million.

He overcame, had fun and put together the broken pieces of what could have been a total loss and my Mama heart is proud.

 "That was as rough a thing as I ever heard tell of happening to a boy. And I'm mighty proud to learn how my boy stood up to it. You couldn't ask any more of a grown man."



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