Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Meeting the World and Conquering It-FHE

I have felt like I should record some of our FHE discussions. Our Family Home Evenings are very casual and usually not outlined. We tend to focus on the big kids and hope that the little girls are absorbing some good bits along the way. I decided it was okay to do that when a very wise Mama told me, "If you focus on the big kids and keep them on the right path, the younger ones will see it, learn it and follow it."

I clean house all during the Monday school day and I always listen to General Conference talks while I clean. Our FHE lessons usually come from these talks and any inspiration I get while I clean and listen. Branson of all our kids has a deep need to be validated in his feelings. One feeling he has repeatedly expressed is that it is harder to be a teenager now-a-days and Scott and I really "don't get it". I have pushed back against that and not really given in. My feeling was that we HAVE been there, WE KNOW.

So Yesterday as I began my work I felt inspired to type in the word "teenagers" in the search bar of and I came across this great talk by President Packer. I was 10 years old when it was given but 27 years later it was just what I needed to hear. (just what I needed to learn) This is part of what he said to the youth:

I wish we could promise you that the world will be safer and easier for you than for us. But we cannot make that promise, for just the opposite is true.
There are temptations beckoning to you that were not there when we were teenagers. AIDS had not been invented when we were young, and drugs were something a doctor prescribed. We knew about opium from reading mysteries, but steroids, pills, and crack and all the rest belonged to future imaginations.
Modesty was not mocked then. Morality and courtesy were fostered in books and films as much as their opposites are today. Perversion was not talked about, much less endorsed as a life-style. What was shunned then as pornographic, you see now on prime-time television.
Your challenge is much greater than was ours. Few of us would trade places with you. Frankly, we are quite relieved that we are not back where you are. Few of us would be equal to it.
But, oh, what a wonderful time to be young! You have knowledge of many more things than we needed to have. It is my conviction that your generation is better and stronger than was ours—better in many ways! I have faith that you young men and young women can meet the world on its own terms and conquer it!
I knew that this would be what our FHE discussion should be about. So that night I explained to the kids that I hadn't acknowledged this before but they definitely face a more challenging world then we did and then we listed a few things.
Pornography wasn't readily available.
PG-13 movies were less violent, had less bad language and less sex.
All the domestic problems such as divorce, abortion, out of wed lock births, single parent homes, were a bit less
Immorality and immodesty were still somewhat looked at as a negative- now if you view those things as "wrong" you are the one that is looked at as negative and judgmental. 
Respect for teachers and adults was expected and was more the norm. 
So we discussed these challenges and several others and then we made another list. I had not planned to do this but the thought came to me and it worked perfect. The second list was all the good things that the kids have access to that we did not.
Individual limited use temple recommends
Mormon Messages
Scriptures, conference and hymns right on your phone
The Internet that allows them to do family history and missionary work
It was a really cool discussion. I loved telling them that as evil and wickedness increases in the world God will always provide the tools to combat it.  At the end,  I repeated President Packers words, "I have faith that you young men and young women can meet the world on its own terms and conquer it." 
Gosh I get teary when I read that. I expressed my own faith that they can and they are meeting the world on its own terms and conquering it.
I LOVE FHE and I LOVE my teenagers. 

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