Friday, September 30, 2016

More than a Million Blue Crayons

I miss Cali.

I'm not used to her being gone for a chunk of the day and I am always eager to pick her up after school and hear about kindergarten.

The most prized possession in Kindergarten is "Kinder Cash" little green cards that the kids earn for their noble Kindergarten efforts to obey, listen and keep their shoes on all day.  They can use them at the end of the week to buy something (junk) from the treasure box. But they LOVE this whole magical process--Kinder Cash is King-- is what I am trying to say.

A few days ago Cali was showing me her two little Kinder Cash cards and then told me this little nugget...

Mom, Reagan needed two more Kinder Cash to get something from the treasure box so I gave her my two other Kinder Cash. 

On a different day she told me about Kinsley and how she cries at recess becasue she doesn't have a snack so Mom, I open the front zipper on my packpack and give her my snack.

And then the tale of the blue crayon...

Mom, Maddi didn't have a blue crayon and so I gave her mine--I wanted a blue crayon--but its ok Maddi can keep it. 

And then I loved my Cali J more than all the Kinder Cash, blue crayons and GOLD in all the world.

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