Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Scrubbing Clothes on the Washboard

Last  week was unbelievable. Between me and all the kids we had no less than 6 appointments with various doctors, dentists and the like. My neighbor wasn't feeling well and I happily sent Branson to mow her lawn and delivered dinner. We had 1 swim meet, 2 football games, 2 neighborhood flag set ups and take downs, 3 cheer practices, 1 football practice, scouts for Scott, a Labor Day family swim party at our house, mutual for the others, Activity Days for Ella, 1 volleyball practice, an emergency yesterday with one of our neighbors that Scott and I were able to help with and then Thursday night Kaden and I were up until 3 am working on a massive homework project. Not to mention up again the next morning at 5:30 am for zero hour.

Come Friday morning I was absolutely burned. I went running to ease the tension in my body and then I came home and tried, I REALLY TRIED, to face the neglected house work and laundry. But the sight of it was even too much. My energy was so spent and I knew if I didn't get a little rest the day would be a lost cause so I curled up on the couch and dozed off.

While I layed there my mind wandered to a couple family history stories my Dad had sent and I began thinking about my Grandparents, the ones I've never met and only know from stories and black and white photos.

I remembered the tiniest little entry I had read about my Great Great Grandmother Julia West. Over the summer I had read it in a book at my Moms house and I took a picture of it.

Lavern came into the kitchen one day while his mother was scrubbing clothes on the washboard. He noticed the tears on her cheeks as she silently cried. He said, "Mother, whats wrong? Why are you crying? She answered tenderly, "Oh I am just so thankful that I have children to wash for!" Julia said, "The more washing I do for my babies the more I love them." 

In my mind I can see this sweet Mama standing in her simple kitchen next to her washboard, working in her apron while she dripped happy tears of gratitude. I just love her. I love that her little son Lavern caught her at such a tender moment. And I love that she was able to reach across decades and death and time and space and touch her great great granddaughters heart with the courage and gratitude she needed to keep going.

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