Friday, November 18, 2016


I'm so sad that I have only written 35 blog posts this year. I'm not sure why blogging has lost some of its charm for me after all these years but writing sure hasn't. I love to journal and record and so even though I've slowed to a drip I will press on with the blog!

We have had a lovely few weeks since the intensity of football/cheer/swim season ended. Sure, cheer is an ongoing commitment for me but it has definitely slowed down which gives us these awesome little windows of relief before the winds of crazy start blowing again.

We spent a wonderful week in Utah for October Break. We attended conference as a family and I loved it so much. I was quite aware that the chances of getting all 7 of us together in a session again were probably pretty slim and so I soaked up all those wonderful feelings of joy in that happy moment.

We hiked, toured Pioneer sights and museums, stopped by national parks, did temple work, visited cousins and went to Antelope Island.

and also had family pictures done. This was the easiest photo session ever and for once in my life I wasn't sweaty through the whole process. In fact it was a beautiful 65ish degrees and we were in Fall Heaven.

The whole trip was glorious.

Before we left Scott and I purchased a series of lectures called Joseph Smith a Prophetic Ministry. We listened as we drove and I have continued listening on my morning runs. I have learned so much. One of the talks led me to a speech given by President Kimball called Peter, My Brother. This speech was somewhat life changing for me and taught me so many things.

After listening and studying this talk about the great and heroic Apostle Peter I felt impressed to share it with Kaden. He sat in the chair in front of the computer and I knelt next to him while we read through the talk and discussed its purpose and meaning and the example of not just Peter himself but also President Kimball in his teaching. More than once tears rolled down our cheeks as we filled our hearts with gratitude for Prophets and Apostles and all we can learn from their faithful but imperfect lives.

It was such a blessing to be able to take the kids to Utah, the time together was priceless. I am so thankful for living Prophets and Apsotles and for Joseph Smith, Hyrum, Brigham young and so many early Mormon Pioneers that lived and sacrificed and were heart-and-soul devoted to God so that I can live my faith.

We came home to Halloween

And now BAM its November! Time runs so fast I just cant keep up. But life is so good and I am so thankful for all the wonderful things life has to offer!