Thursday, December 15, 2016


The first thing Kaden does when he comes home everyday is play the piano. I LOVE to follow him in there and sit on the couch, close my eyes and listen.

My heart certainly wants to remember these moments. Kaden is a steady and calm influence in our home. He is a quiet kid for the most part but he strong in the areas that matter.

He is in the middle of the "dance" phase of his life and it is a hoot! I love helping him cook up ways to ask and answer, I love the pictures, I love the friends. I just really love all the teenagerish stuff that is filling our life right now.

Kaden tuned 17 in November. I COULD NOT get the kid to give me any ideas of what he wanted to do. Finally I just said, "Kaden, I'm making fry bread for lunch, bring any of your friends that want to come."

Turns out that plenty of kiddos want to come when its your birthday and your Ma is making fry bread. Never under estimate the power of food with teenagers. At one point I swear there were 40 kids in my kitchen.

17 is going to be a good year for this boy. I'm sure thankful for that warmer-than-usual November day that he was born.

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