Tuesday, December 20, 2016

For the Chance

Scott and I slipped away on Thursday for a two day hideout for his birthday. Scott and I rarely leave but when we do we take lots of naps. For reals, my body lets go of life and I pass out. Its like pulling the plug on the refrigerator. You know? The fridge is always on, everyone needs the fridge to be always on, if the fridge goes off we are in trouble and so the fridge stays on. Well,  if I've planned good enough and called in a few favors with my kids and I am free to drive away with Scott its like someone pulls my subconscious plug and I am comatose. Peace out life!

The highlight of the weekend was the couple hours we spent together in the temple. Oh the tears!  I knelt across from Scott and listen to the promises we made to each other almost two decades ago and cried that we get to help others have those same blessings. Families can be forever and I am so thankful.

I never dread coming home to my kids. I love my demanding and busy day to day life with them. It was fun to come home and be instantly submerged back into Motherhood.

SUBMERGED. Maybe even drowning.

We quickly threw things together and rushed off for the community Christmas Concert and Nativity display. Ella was lucky enough to get to be part of the children's choir this year and so I was excited for the evening. Cali was acting a little sluggish but I just attributed it to sleeping over with cousins. We got all settled into our pew at the concert and I let Cali fall asleep on my lap and then half way through the concert, before I could do much about it,  she threw-up ALL over me and the bench we were sitting on. The concert-the reverent, beautiful, aww inspiring concert-was in full swing and I did not want to disturb anyone.

But! I am a MASTER at these sorts of crises. Is there a degree for this sort of thing? Because if there is, I deserve it. Scott slipped out for paper towels and I gently and discreetly moved Cali to a sitting position. I slipped between the pews and  scooped up the majority of the mess into Cali's jacket. BAM.

When Scott got back he sat down, handed me the towels and  I cleaned up the rest. Rolled everything into the towels and during the congregational song we all filed out the door. I stopped someone in charge and told them that the bench would need to be disinfected and we were off.

MASTER I am telling you.

Luckily Ella had already sang and she did amazing and looked like a little angel on stage.

Her teacher, our friend Josh, came to see her and he was nice enough to stay with Ella for the rest of the concert and bring her home after. What a blessing he has been to our family over the years. We sure appreciate him. You know you've picked great friends when you leave them on your barf bench and tell them to keep your kid and they oblige.

The twins were still at a friends and needed to be picked up, Scott still did a late night trip for groceries and Kaden was still at work. Cali and me needed a shower after the barf-o-rama and my kitchen was strewn with all that is Saturday. Maybe when I was a younger Mom I would have felt that coming home to all that chaos, after a peaceful weekend away,  was a death sentence. But now I can just roll with it and laugh about it. I'm just so thankful for the chance.

Barf and all.

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