Monday, January 9, 2017


It a new year! 2017 has dawned! 2017 is already reminding me that I am not getting any younger. My 20 year High School reunion will hit, my first born will turn 18 and well its a bit shocking.

But so far I am feeling awesome becasue I cleaned out the boys room, all my girls closets and drawers, the fridge, the pantry and I even deep cleaned the kitchen. Hid your stuff people!

I feel better when I have less and when my house is clean.

Anyway, I've been thinking about a few things and maybe you could call them New Years resolutions. I wrote this on our family chalk board last week:

I just really think that the Lord wants us to do whatever it is we have to do with love. If we need to correct a child, talk to a spouse about a difficult issue, get up in the night with an infant, ask a teenager to do their chores for the millionth time, address a problem at work or with our kids teachers or even a clerk at a store. I even think he wants us to do our mundane work, dishes, laundry, dusting, carpooling--with love. Love for the people who make the messes and love for our body that allows us to work. I know I don't do all things with love. And sometimes I even do things with annoyance and frustration. I really want to do more of what I do everyday with love.

And then there's this:

Doesn't that just sum it all up? If we did this everyday we could change our lives. I think I can try. As long as we are trying a little harder to be a little better we will always be moving in the right direction--step by step closer to the Lord, more like Him and more of what He wants us to become.

Happy New Year!

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