Tuesday, February 14, 2017

The Center

I love raising my children. I really do. With all the hard (and there is a whole lot of hard) there is so much joy and so much satisfaction in seeing children become.

Yesterday after I went around straightening and tidying up I looked at my cute little girls room, Brylee's more grown up space across the bathroom and the boys gray and navy room over the landing. I even stopped a minute to admire the room Scott and I share and Grandma Mags quilt that looked so lovely on the bed in the afternoon sun.

And then I thought...this right here is a dream come true. I have everything I ever wanted. Children, a husband with muscles (was a requirement on my 16 year old husband list) and a wonderful little house to care for and clean. I just felt really thankful.

Gratitude is a great cure for sadness and over-whelmed-with-a-million-things-to-do-ness.

Last month we had an awesome experience as we vacationed for a week with Scott's family on the Disney Cruise. We had a great time and made some amazing memories. I came home feeling so so thankful that my kids have had the blessing of growing up with so many sweet cousins. They sure love each other. And I sure love all of them and their parents too!

The week after I got to go on a filed-trip with Ella. It was a hike which is always my favorite kind of filed trip. I loved it! And I loved spending the day with my little Miss Ella Mae.

And Tuesday was my sweet Cali's birthday. She is the Love of our family. She is a low maintenance girl with a lot of determination and grit. I am so glad to be her Mama. I was thinking about her being 6 and how its such a sweet age of transition. She's reading and understanding and growing in so many ways and making that dripping change from baby to kid. But I was also thinking about her birth and what a tender day it was for me. The Spirit was strong and I felt sure that families are Gods plan for His children.

The very next day after celebrating Cali's birthday I got the news that my younger cousin had passed away. His family is heart broken and hurting but I know that they each have that sure foundation of the gospel to see them through. The amount of love for their brother and son that is pouring out from them as they  have faced this challenge is warming the rest of us right up.

It been a long time since I felt THIS much love and gratitude to Heaven for the gift of cousins, and siblings and aunts and grandparents and all the other pieces that make up our families.

How ever imperfect and frustrating our families can sometimes be its still the best way home and they are always the center of life that everything else revolves around.