Thursday, March 2, 2017

The Heavy and the Light

I was so thankful to be able to attend my cousins funeral a few weeks ago. It was sad but the whole service was filled with the Spirit and it was filled with love. I am so thankful for the light of the gospel. I don't feel any confusion or worry when someone I love dies, I am just really grateful for the understanding I have of life after death and progression and eternal families and the Atonement that makes it all possible.

The week of  my cousins death my Aunt asked if I'd write a poem for the funeral program. At first I felt completely worried and sure that I was not the one for the job. Even though we are first cousins, I am several years older and I didn't know him as well as I know some of his siblings. But soon after that thought, came the quiet reassurance that I know the process and I can trust it. I set aside some time to fast, study and pray and then I sat down and waited and listened. In time the words came and the Spirit guided my thoughts and I felt that I had written what The Lord wanted me to. I sent it over to my Aunt and she called with the sweetest, most tender, heart-felt thanks. We cried together and expressed our love for family, for the gospel and for the Savior that makes death only temporary and families eternal. How I love Him and His willingness to be involved in our lives.

Along with the heavy and hard we've also had so many silly little daily things happening and even though they sometimes feel insignificant and not worth writing down, the ordinary stuff of life really is LIFE and so I write!

We had a simple and enjoyable Valentines Day. I made pink pancakes in the morning and set a candle on the table for a "candle light" dinner. It was just grilled cheese and fruit salad but add a candle and your're good!

Branson has been hard at work earning money to buy tools. He especially wants saws and staple guns and other carpentry tools. He has always been my builder and he loves to create. He even went dumpster diving for scrap wood to start some little projects.

He already made me a cool #7 and an Arizona!

Poor Cali has had all kinds of dental problems and had to have a tooth pulled. Good thing the tooth fairy remembered to pay up!

Kaden had a few moles removed! Fun way to spend an afternoon! Ill take it though, my afternoons with Kaden are numbered so I'm just so happy to be with him even if its at the doctor!

Last Saturday I was able to run the Phoenix Half Marathon with my good friend Karlie. Karlie is the best and we spent our training runs over the last few months sharing our best ideas on FHE, parenting, the gospel and mostly the Savior. Karlie always inspires me to study more and learn more and be better. Race day was so fun and I loved the whole experience. I am so thankful for friends like Karlie!

The older I get the more I realize that the good stuff of life is the people you are around. I sure love my people!

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