Monday, April 24, 2017

We're Twins

"We're twins...and so we love each other more than other people." Louisa May Alcott, Little Men

Branson has a very tender heart. He can tease like there is no tomorrow but he loves like there is no tomorrow too. There has only been one time since Brylee got her back brace that she just crumpled up and cried. It was her first night facing the fact that she was going to have to try and learn to sleep in the thing for the foreseeable future. Scott and I tried to make her as comfortable as possible we hugged her and knelt down beside her bed to pray for her and then we left her room and listened by the door for a bit as she cried into her pillow.

Before I went to bed I walked toward her room for one last check I got there just in time to see Branson go in and shut the door behind him. I found out later that he had crawled into bed next to her and tried his best to make her comfortable and encourage her.

The next day he went to work with his tools and paint and made her this sweet little set of twins.

Be still my heart.

Ill always be so thankful for the magical, beautiful, wonderful blessing of twins.

General Conference, Easter and all the Rest

I loved General Conference earlier this month. I love the gospel and I am so thankful for the chance to hear counsel from our leaders every 6 months. For family night we discussed the things we want to improve on. Conference resolutions if you will. Read the Book of Mormon before next conference, attend the temple more and study The Living Christ.

And then a few weeks later we got to celebrate Easter. My favorite holiday. I love Holy Week. I love teaching my kids and talking of Christ. The best part is Easter morning when we gather our 5 and share the last bits of the story together...Jesus suffered for our sins and sorrows, died on the cross and rose again on the third day. The first person to ever become a glorified resurrected being and now He can offer the same to us. I love Him. Oh how I love Him.

Through my tears Sunday morning I looked around at my children and felt once again that wonderful burning of the Spirit telling me that its true, that He lives, that He loves us and that because of Him we get to have our families forever, we get to be made whole and we get to become more like He is each day.

A few of my kiddos are dealing with some hard things right now. Poor Brylee is trying to learn to live in her scoliosis brace. For now she is wearing it while she is home and goes without it at school. We are hoping and praying that it will be enough to stop the curvature in her spine. She is a light--that brown haired Brylee girl. And while I know she would never let something like wearing a brace break her or change her happiness I still feel bad for her and I ache to see the pain and discomfort she is in.

A few weeks ago I knelt in prayer for my sweet girl and the words, "I will go before thy face, I will be on your right hand and on your left and my angels round about to bear you up." came to my mind. In my minds eye I thought of unseen angels surrounding my girl. I thought about the words, before your face and on your right and left and round about. Beautiful words from the Savior that felt to me like all the love of Heaven. How could He have said it any more clearly that He will be there with us? That He will be there with our children?  I feel in constant awe of His love and concern for us and of His sacrifice on our behalf. I love my Savior and I love Brylee.

And I sure love my little Easter bunnies in their pink dresses.

After church we had an Easter dinner at Grandma and Grandpa's house. Grandma always plans the best lessons and crafts for the kids and we all had a great time celebrating and being together. Poor Kaden had to go home early to finish up some homework.

Ella got to sing for Grandma Heywood's relief society lesson. She was super nervous but she did a great job.

Kaden went to the lake for the first half of Prom and didn't take any pictures but despite me worrying all day about their safety they all came back alive and they all had a great time. Then this past weekend they finished off with Prom and the zoo. Kaden took his cute friend Avery who will be off to BYU this summer as part of their gymnastics team. So cool. And I sure love all the asking and answering that goes along with high school dances! These teenagers are such a hoot!

A few Sunday's ago Cali asked if she could bring a toy to church and I told her she could. When we got there and sat in our bench this is what she unloaded. Wow! I guess "a toy" turned into a bag full.

The girls loved playing in our kayak one hot Saturday morning.

And now its almost May. Sometimes its a shock how fast time moves and I am just trying my best to enjoy it before these busy, happy, stressful but joyful years before they pass me by.