Monday, April 24, 2017

We're Twins

"We're twins...and so we love each other more than other people." Louisa May Alcott, Little Men

Branson has a very tender heart. He can tease like there is no tomorrow but he loves like there is no tomorrow too. There has only been one time since Brylee got her back brace that she just crumpled up and cried. It was her first night facing the fact that she was going to have to try and learn to sleep in the thing for the foreseeable future. Scott and I tried to make her as comfortable as possible we hugged her and knelt down beside her bed to pray for her and then we left her room and listened by the door for a bit as she cried into her pillow.

Before I went to bed I walked toward her room for one last check I got there just in time to see Branson go in and shut the door behind him. I found out later that he had crawled into bed next to her and tried his best to make her comfortable and encourage her.

The next day he went to work with his tools and paint and made her this sweet little set of twins.

Be still my heart.

Ill always be so thankful for the magical, beautiful, wonderful blessing of twins.

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