Monday, June 19, 2017

18 Summers

I wish someone would have told me when I was a young Mom that my summers would be numbered. 18 summers seems like a lot but let me tell you it wont be 18. Once these kids hit 12 they start leaving you. Scout camp, girls camp, EFY, friends trips, sports camps. Long gone are the days when I thought summer would never end and filling the days with all my kiddos home was HARD. Long gone are the days where summer meant my kids were all mine all summer.

But oh how fun it is to see them grow and GO and fly!

Brylee has hardly sat still all summer. She started with girls camp with her cousin Belle and then off to EFY. One thing I so love about Brylee is she is not afraid to be in a setting where she doesn't know anyone. For girls camp she literally only knew her cousins and they were not in the same group but that didnt phase her a bit, she went, made new friends and came back with great memories. She went to EFY with a cousin and two friends but came home with a whole crowd of new friends. Plus those sweet friends did a great job taking care of her on her birthday. We all cracked up when Brylee and her cousin ended up accidentally packed the same dress. Twinners!

Kaden took off to surf camp with his Priest quorum and I literally ended up with 1 (you heard me 1) picture and that's it. Branson had a camp as well but chose to miss it as he is pretty dedicated to his Freshman football team and didn't want to miss practice. But both boys will be leaving for a LONG three week trip that has been in the works for a couple years and I will MISS them like CRAZY! It really deserves a post of its own if my heart doesn't break in the mean time.

I LOVE my teenagers even if they are determine to leave me!

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