Saturday, June 10, 2017

Awards and Such

One of my favorite quotes is this...

In these preparatory years, you young women (and young men) spend much of your time in schools or jobs where you receive accolades, honors, awards, ribbons, or trophies. When you move from that stage to young motherhood (and fatherhood) there is a dramatic drop-off in outside commendation. Yet in no other capacity is there more opportunity to serve selflessly as Christ would do by taking care of hundreds of daily physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. You will bring the light of the gospel into your homes—not to be seen of others, but to build others—men and women of strength and light. Susan Tanner

I love it because its the truth. Awards are great, I am not against awards but I just don't want my kids to "inhale" too much of that kind of thing. I want them to always remember that the praise and recognition of the world will not matter in the end if you haven't been faithful to God and to your family. I want them to learn to do good when no one is looking and when there is no chance for recognition. And at the same time it is so good and so nice to be recognized, especially as a teenager, for the good. Its never a bad thing when you get that little invite from the school saying that your son or daughter will be receiving and award.

For the third year in a row Kaden received the "academic achievement" award which is for students that maintain a 4.0 or higher. This always cracks me up becasue when I was in high school I didn't even know that there was any such thing as higher than a 4.0. Kaden works hard in school, he takes hard classes and he is respectful to his teachers. What a guy that Kaden boy.

Branson was LOVED by his teachers this year. He just has a knack for being witty and funny and handling class in a way that endears him to his teachers. More than once I received an email this year from his teachers telling me what a great kid he is. And I'd have to agree! His Spanish and PE teachers especially took a liking to him. He was awarded the Excellent Student award for the foreign language department.

Brylee was also loved by her teachers but she was especially loved by her coaches. Her track team often practiced at the high school and one of the high school coaches took the time to contact Brylee's junior high and tell them that Brylee was an outstanding athlete and good sport to all her team mates and they looked forward to seeing her in High School. She excells in athletics so we were not surprised when she received 'Female Athlete of the Year".

On the way home we told them how proud we were of them and then I just HAD to add, "Enjoy it while it lasts kiddos!"

Haha! Congrats to my teenage loves! I couldn't be happier or more privledged to be your Mama!

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