Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Birthday and Mother's Day

My birthday and Mother's Day always fall in the same week. Branson worked especially hard this year to make me feel special. He worked for a solid week in secret to build me a beautiful oversized frame. One afternoon, I found out later, he road his bike to the hardware store and rode all the way home with lumber perched on his shoulder. Ill always remember the extra effort he through to give me something he made with his own effort, time and love. Kaden really should be in the photo too as he funded the whole thing! Branson has the skills but not the funds! Ha!

I really enjoyed Mother's Day. It wasn't anything special or elaborate but I've never needed that. I just need my kids and Scott around me and then I'm happy. I try to remember that its not "all about me" but just a special day to be especially thankful for the chance at Motherhood.

My birthday was a busy May day (as every day in May is) but the twins stayed home and missed first hour and went to breakfast with Scott and I. It was such a fun morning. Later that day Ella had her school music concert and then we were able to get dinner together. I even got a nap! Which is my favorite birthday treat!  (Apparently the yellow shirt was my favorite for birthday week)

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