Friday, June 9, 2017

Kindergarten Graduation

Ill never understand Kindergarten Gradation. But it is super cute and super sweet so we go, we clap, we take pictures. And let me just say that I will never have a Kindergartner again and that my friends is sad. Kindergarten is just plain hilarious and I love the 5 and 6 year old years. Sweet and funny as they come if you ask me.

A few weeks later Cali was asking me about summer break and I briefly gave her a run down of the different plans and trips for the summer. I ended my explanation with "and then we go back to school."

Cali looked up at me with hurt and devastation in her eyes and said, "BUT I GRADUATED!" 

I am pretty sure the girl though that when she "graduated" wearing her construction paper hat and yellow yarn tassel that she had finished and by finished I mean no more school for her...ever.

We talked about 1st grade and how exciting and fun it will be and then I held her on my lap and kissed her still-a-hint-of-baby cheeks and felt so grateful for summer and long hours of play and swimming and snacks. I love having my Kindergarten Graduate home for a spell and 1st grade can just stay away for a bit...its my turn. 

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