Monday, June 12, 2017

No Such Thing

I don't usually get annoyed at cultural issues because I honestly just-do-not-care. In my opinion everyone is trying to do the best they can and the best they know how at the stage they are at in their life. I don't judge, I don't label and I always give the benefit of the doubt. I make decisions for what I (and my family) will or will not do and I don't really give a thought to what other families decide for them selves. Who-has-the-time? Who-has-the-energy?

I read a blog post from a popular and amazing blogger titled, "Not Your Typical Mormon Mom". It was a great post with great points but here's the thing...What the heck is a "Typical Mormon Mom"? Why is that even a thing? UGG!

If I had to guess I would say that 100% of people, if polled, would put me in the "Typical Mormon Mom" category.

Oh SURE! I wear long shorts, I stay home with a gaggle of 5 kids while my husband works, I married at the stupidly young age of 19, I wear board shorts over my one-piece swim suit, I don't drink caffeine, I drive a Yukon XL, I grew up in a family of 10 siblings, I was born a member and have always stayed faithful to my faith and Church, my two sons are about to receive their Eagle Scout Award. I don't have tattoos, piercings or shaved hair, my schedule is dictated entirely by carpools. I live 5 seconds away from a temple. My husband is a returned missionary, has served in the bishopric and is now the ever-lovin Scoutmaster!  I LOVE the scriptures, I love the Prophet, the temple, The Savior and I loved serving as Young Women's President, Primary President and in all of my other callings. See that typical Mormon family picture above? That's us. Typical, Typical, Typical. And sometimes I think that all of this "typical" translates into, "Oh you wouldn't understand, you silly,  typical, naive Mormon girl."

Well...WELL! Did you know that I have a sister with multiple tattoos and piercings and no custody of her 4 children? A brother that has been in and out of jail?  Another sister that has left the church entirely? Not gone "inactive" LEFT. My Dad never served a mission. I have a younger brother that is an alcoholic, a cousin that died, this year, at 27 from drug use, 3 siblings that live unmarried with a girlfriend or boyfriend. Between Scott and I we have 3 divorced siblings, one divorced twice. I have a sister in law that has been married for 6 years with no children that loves serving actively in the US Army. I have a brother that did professional MMA fighting. I have another brother that stays home with his two boys while his wife works. I have a nephew that is gay. Typical? Really?

I love these people. They live ENTIRELY differently than I do but I still LOVE them, I love their kids, and I love their triumphs. They are part of who I am, they are part of my story and they are part of how I chose to live and treat others.

So am I "typical"?

Are you typical? I am pretty sure that even if we wear long shorts, have been lifetime members with pioneer heritage and live the "stay at home" life I am pretty darn sure that none of us are "typical". We all have things! We all have stories and issues and hidden heartaches and corkey weird things that don't fit any "mold". And its so great! It is SO SO great that we have all this uniqueness in life experience!

I love being a part of a growing world wide church that has ALL KINDS of people. Lots of them don't look or live so called "typical Mormon" and that is insanely awesome! A few weeks ago a teenager I didn't recognize blessed and broke the sacrament with long hair hanging in his face and I died of love for him and his desire to be there and help provide the sacrament to our congregation. And even those of us that do "look" the part from the outside, believe me when I say, typical is NO SUCH THING. So before you go saying, "oh I am not the typical Mormon" just remember that NO ONE is!

Thank Heavens!

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