Monday, June 19, 2017

Our Tribal Leader

I am so thankful for Scott. He is a good selfless man that strives each day to be who the Lord wants him to be. The best advice I think I can give to my girls is to find a man that loves the Lord. If he does then he will be selfless and he will be good. Not perfect or flawless, not strong every moment, not with out weakness and not mistake proof but good and kind and always striving to be better. Of all the attributes of the Savior, that helped Him live a perfect life, I think His perfect selflessness was perhaps the one that saw Him through the atonement and the cross. He loved God first and He loved us second and that is how He became the Savior of the world. When I think of righteous fathers, carrying the weight of their whole family on their shoulders, spending their hard earned money on others and their time on serving their family my heart swells. Righteous Fatherhood is so selfless and I am so thankful to see that kind of fatherhood in action every day. My heart honestly can not contain the love and respect and devotion I feel when I see Scott act in his God-given role as a worthy priesthood holder in our home.  

 I love this quote from Sam Levenson. Sam was one of ten children and he was raised by immigrant parents during the depression. 

"Friday night's dinner was a testimonial banquet to Papa. For that hour, at least, he was no longer the oppressed victim of the sweatshops, the harassed, frightened and unsuccessful breadwinner, but the master to whom all heads bowed and upon whom all honor was bestowed. He was our father, our teacher, our wise man, our elder statement, our tribal leader."

If only all men (in books, movies, TV shows and in reality) were shown this sort of respect and if only all men lived in such a way to deserve it. The world would be a different place. 

In our home the world is far away as Scott loves and leads our little imperfect tribe and I sure love him for it. We LOVED celebrating him yesterday and I am so thankful for all he does for me and our children.

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