Monday, June 19, 2017

These Twins

My twins are 15. These little baby twins are 15!

They are the best and I am so thankful for that very special day when we saw two little figures on the ultrasound screen. Brylee decided to LEAVE us on her bday and spend the week at EFY with her friends but we did slip in a few fun things with her before she left of which I have very few pics. She went ice-skating with her friends and we were able to sneak some birthday notes into her EFY bag. I have decided that Brylee is the kind of girl that everyone needs for a daughter. MAN she is good. She is kind and easy going and even though she loves her family she isn't afraid to stretch her wings. She has never held back from trying something new, going on an adventure or making new friends.

Branson spent the day off at a water park with his friend but then we were able to take him to dinner. I love being with Branson because he loves to have deep important conversations and he is ever aware of those around him, holding doors, carrying heavy things and making his sisters laugh. I also love how he loves Brylee. He'd choose Brylee over just about anyone when it comes to hanging out. They truly enjoy each other and the older they get the more I see the security that has developed in them from always knowing the other one is there.

Football, volleyball, cheer, track and swimming keep these two busy but I am so happy to be their mom and I love who they are becoming. Twins is seriously just about the best thing that can happen to a Mama and I'm so thankful.

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